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Mt. Pleasant SC Glaucoma

Glaucoma Eye Care in Mt. Pleasant SC

Mt. Pleasant SC Glaucoma

Mt. Pleasant SC Glaucoma

Among the eye diseases that can cause vision loss, glaucoma may be the best known. With proper attention and early detection, there is no reason that you have to suffer any permanent consequences as a result of having Mt. Pleasant SC glaucoma. Here at 3D Optometry, we recommend a yearly eye exam for you, our valued patient, during which our eye doctor will be able to diagnose you and provide our glaucoma eye care.

This eye disease occurs when you develop an excess of eye pressure that comes about due to in imbalance between the amount of eye fluid that your body creates and the amount that gets drained out. When your eyes are functioning normally, the fluid is produced, circulates, and then drains without any problem. But when that process is hindered, the buildup of fluid causes a higher and unsafe level of pressure in your eyes. This is how most glaucoma develops, though it could also be from the effects of an eye injury, either by force or chemical contamination. In rare instances, a severe eye infection or inflammation can also cause Mt. Pleasant SC glaucoma. Usually, both eyes are impacted by the disease, though one can be more so than the other. You mot likely will not notice any symptoms in the early stages, which is a big reason why you should schedule an eye exam annually at our optical store.

As Mt. Pleasant SC glaucoma progresses, signs may begin to appear. Among them are loss of vision, redness in your eyes, eye pain, halos appearing around light, tunnel vision, and eye haziness (of particular concern for glaucoma in infants). Also, nausea and vomiting, in conjunction with one or more of the other listed symptoms, is cause for concern. If you experience any of the above, call us and schedule an appointment. You will be screened with various tests, including tonometry, which measures your internal eye pressure.

Treatment options are dependent on the progress of the your Mt. Pleasant SC glaucoma at the time of diagnosis. Eye drops are typical for mild cases. They reduce the amount of fluid that your eyes make. Laser surgery can increase the efficiency of your eyes to drain fluid. And microsurgery is utilized to create a new channel form which your eye fluid can drain.

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