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Mt. Pleasant SC Eye Care

Cataracts diagnosis and treatment in Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant SC eye care

Mt. Pleasant SC eye care

Your eye health is important, which is why it is so widely recommended that individuals of all ages and states of eye health have their eyes closely examined by a specialist about once a year or so. This is especially true for people who are at risk for developing certain eye conditions such as people who have a family medical history of a condition, have diabetes or are over the age of 65. Such individuals are at risk for developing issues like cataracts and we here at 3D Optometry can provide you with the complete Mt. Pleasant SC eye care that you need from cataracts diagnosis and treatment to surgery if it is necessary.

Cataracts develop when the lens of the eye begins to thicken over time. The lens of the eye, or the cornea, is the clear, curved part of the eye that rests just over your pupil. It is the general curvature and clearness of the cornea that dictates how well you see, so if the cornea thickens it will undoubtedly affect your vision. At first, the cataracts may seem as if your eyes are just getting worse and worse. During these stages, you will be given stronger and stronger prescription lenses in order to deal with these vision changes. Typically, it is either an eye exam or a general vision exam that will reveal whether you have cataracts or not. If so, we here at 3D Optometry can provide you with complete Mt. Pleasant SC eye care from the diagnosis to the treatment. One you are diagnosed with cataracts, we will begin planning out just how often you should check back with us for routine treatment and checkups. If your cataracts become severe enough, you may even be eligible for surgery where your thickened lens is replaced with an artificial one instead.

Your eye health and vision health are important to us here at 3D Optometry, which is why we offer comprehensive Mt. Pleasant SC eye care. If you are at risk for developing an eye disease or other condition, or even if you believe that you may have an eye disease that requires diagnosis and treatment, then we here at 3D Optometry can help.

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