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Diabetic retinopathy in Charleston

Eye doctor near Charleston
Eye doctor near Charleston

Diabetic retinopathy is an eye disease that develops as a side-effect of having either type one or type two diabetes. It can lead to loss of vision and serious damage to your retinal blood vessels over time unless it is detected and treated in a timely manner. And because as with most eye diseases, there are no clear symptoms to alert you until it has progressed to a more advanced stage, we at 3D Optometry urge you to have a yearly eye exam at our eye doctor near Charleston optical store so that you can be screened for it.

Diabetes is a disease that can affect various parts of your body, such as your feet. Your eyes are also prone to the impact from rising sugar levels in your blood. The goal is to find out that diabetic retinopathy is present before it causes obvious symptoms, such as blurred vision, floaters in your field of vision, and most alarmingly, hemorrhaging in the eyes. If you do experience any of those signs, there is no reason to panic. Our eye doctor near Charleston can diagnose you and start you down the road to effective treatment. Diagnosis is done via a thorough eye exam along with the use of an ophthalmoscope, which provides a detailed view of the retina and can accurately determine how far the disease has advanced. Additional testing, including an optical coherence tomogram (OCT) and a fluorescein dye test may also be conducted. The most effective treatment is to prevent diabetic retinopathy by managing your blood sugar levels. Follow the recommendations from your primary doctor and our eye doctor near Charleston when it comes to diet, exercise, and medication, which may include steroids and anti-VEGT. Laser surgery is an effective tool for repairing ruptured blood vessels and to preserve your vision to the greatest extent possible.

There is no cure for this disease, but by working closely with our eye doctor near Charleston, it can be managed and your can avoid significant damage and vision loss.

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